CFO Perspective Series: Episode 2 – What is the value of outsourcing?

“The value they bring is the foresight, experience and expertise that can drive growth into the business that far outweighs the cost.”

David Linklater, Partner and Director CFO & Tax Services, Re/think

The value of outsourcing

Interim CFO’s are a resource becoming more accessible to the business community than ever before. We have seen during the pandemic that companies have to be as lean as possible and this outsourcing has allowed firms two acquire skills and expertise at a fraction of the cost of upskilling the in house team.

Furthermore, because of the latest communications technologies, MS Teams, Zoom and Go Meet this has allowed remote access to these experienced CFOs, potentially from anywhere in the World.

In our second episode, David Linklater, Partner and Director of CFO and Tax Services at Re/think is joined by Linda Luu, COO and Founding Partner of The Scalable CFO, to discuss the value of CFOs and outsourcing.

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