CFO Perspective Series: Episode 3 – Hiring a CFO. What should you expect?

“As a CFO becomes more familiar with the operations, they are able to draw attention to things that matter financially.”

David Linklater, Partner and Director CFO & Tax Services, Re/think

The value of an effective CFO

The Interim CFO’s engagement takes advantage of the years of experience that individual brings with them, however, for the engagement to be successful the CFO must understand the business, the goals and dreams of the business owner in detail. Furthermore, the cultural fit between the virtual CFO and the company has to be right. This way goals and objectives can be delivered faster. The quest of the CFO should always be to deliver beyond expectations.

In our third episode, David Linklater, Partner and Director of CFO and Tax Services at Re/think is joined by Linda Luu, COO and Founding Partner of The Scalable CFO, to discuss the expectations a business should have when hiring an Interim/ Virtual CFO.

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