CFO Perspective Series: Episode 4 – Hiring a CFO- Practical scenarios

“It is their problem solving abilities that lead to the fastest route to a solution. A CFO with a deep understanding of regulations can troubleshoot a lot faster with smarter solutions that are regulatory compliant as well.”

David Linklater, Partner and Director CFO & Tax Services, Re/think

The value of pricing and reporting

In the previous podcasts, we have discussed the virtues of employing an Interim/ Virtual CFO and clearly, the experience these individuals have had can add value quickly to any organisation. What are the typical areas of a business a CFO will be commanding tangible and intangible value?

In our fourth and final episode, David Linklater, Partner and Director of CFO and Tax Services at Re/think is joined by Linda Luu, COO and Founding Partner of The Scalable CFO, to discuss a number of practical scenarios where a CFO will be able to add real business value.

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What is The Scalable CFO?

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