Get Inspired – The Audacity to Create Value

In this podcast and event segment, we uncover the deep thoughts and lessons that we call “golden nuggets” from conversations with business leaders and doers who had THE AUDACITY TO CREATE VALUE and inspire those around them.

We want to let this segment take its own shape, but always unscripted easy to digest short episodes that reveal untold truths of our guests’ lives and careers. The goal is to give insight into how they dreamt the impossible, pursued the unknown and achieved success despite choosing a challenging path.

Our guests are people who inspire us and show us that we all have the power to drive economic, educational, social and technological advancements that transcend the numbers far beyond our imagination.

Podcast Episodes

The Audacity to Create Value
The Audacity to Create Value
Golden Nugget #1 – Value Systems and how they are derived

Sallyann Della Casa is the Founder of Gleac, a human skills technology platform. There she goes by the title Chief Identity Officer and with good reason, she is truly one-of-a-kind. She is a trained lawyer, ex C-suite at the Middle East’s first unicorn Careem, an inventor, entrepreneur and author. We sat down for what turned out to be 4 nuggets of true gold which we’ll release in the next 4 weeks. Listening to this episode, that explores value systems, you’ll understand why she is an inspiration. Watch the video.

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